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Our Teachers


Veronica O'Hara


Veronica found yoga after the birth of her third child. She began practicing in local gyms and found Yoga inspiring, relaxing and immediately felt the mind-body connection. After practicing for many years she found her way to a local Yoga studio, in particular Bikram.  After years of a Bikram practice and a weekly Ashtanga based practice she found herself wanting to know more and experience Yoga in depth. She completed Jimmy Barkan’s Method for Hot Yoga Level I and II in 2008. Immediately following her certifications began teaching and soon found herself opening her own studio in 2008 in Lighthouse Point. Many Yoga teachers inspire her: Shiva Rea, Sean Corne, Baron Baptise, Bryan Kest, Bikram and of course Jimmy Barkan. Veronica encourages her students to get in touch with their breath to open their bodies and minds. Veronica also encourages all to do Yoga not only on the mat but off the mat; bringing Yoga into our local community on a conscious level with help to create a more peaceful, harmonious community for all to live in.  She encourages a open heart, open and clear mind to eventually clear the path to a more spiritual existence. Namaste.



Keri Werner 


Keri has been practicing and studying yoga for over ten years. She has attended several teachertrainings, including Ashtanga Training with David Swenson, Sivananda and Yoga Fit. She has been a health & wellness educator for more than 20 years; obtaining a degree in Psychology (B.A.) and Physiology (M.S.) from the University of Miami. She enjoys sharing the endless mind/body benefits that yoga has to offer.

Keri teaches an eclectic-style flow class in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment. She encourages her students to "be their own teacher". Keri's passion for yoga results in her spending much of her free time reading about the different aspects of yoga and attending workshops and seminars.

She is grateful to be part of the team at Awaken Yoga.




Diane McEwan 


Diane is a passionate, energetic, and dedicated Yoga teacher who has been practicing Yoga for over 10 years. She is certified in several fitness areas, is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and has accrued over 1,500 teaching hours. She likes to incorporate her experience and knowledge of different exercise disciplines, such as strength-training and conditioning, into her Vinyasa-style classes.

Encouraging self-acceptance and motivating students to explore and challenge their bodies in a safe, structured environment, Diane strives to bring out the best in each of her students.

She sums up the key ingredients in her Yoga Fusion class as the “Five F’s”: Form (focus on alignment and anatomy), Function, (purpose of postures and development of body awareness), Fusion (integration of various fitness disciplines), Flow (linking postures together with the breath), and Fun (using music and creative sequencing to make working-out enjoyable). She believes that these ingredients, thoughtfully combined, create a healthy recipe for personal growth—physically, mentally, and spiritually.






Kate found yoga through a life long love of dance and movement. Her creative classes are inspired by the teachings of Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Edward Clark, Doug Swenson and other pioneers of Vinyasa.

She is constantly learning and absorbing yoga from workshops, students, and self practice. Her classes flow with grace while focusing on proper alignment and honoring your own body. Yoga had the power to transform Kate's life and beliefs. Invite yoga into your life and experience the potential for growth and freedom.











Debra is a reformed insurance executive who made a shift in her life, a shift to follow her bliss. She has been involved in fitness in some way shape or form since the age of 18 and holds a 2nd degree black belt.

Three years ago she discovered yoga, quite by accident, and has never looked back. After many years in the insurance industry – she had an epiphany – it was time to make a change – a HUGE change.

She received her yoga teacher certification through Leslie Glickman’s Yoga Journey teacher training program in 2010 and hit the ground running. She retired from the insurance industry and began teaching yoga immediately after graduation.

Debra has a way of keeping it real & fun while maintaining the integrity of the practice. She focuses on breath and movement recognizing that proper form and alignment are the best way to prevent injury. She blends the physical with the spiritual – advising her students that “yoga will change your life whether you want it to or not!” She knows this first hand. Debra maintains her own regular practice with a variety of teachers and styles so that she can continue to bring innovative ideas and perspective to her students.





Erika was born and raised in a fitness-oriented environment on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and discovered yoga almost 20 years ago via homepractice watching videotapes. 

As a former classical ballet student and group fitness instructor for Bally's Total Fitness in Miami, it was natural that a nice chemical reaction would take place between her and Yoga, though commitment would not happen until many years later.

Erika experienced the bliss and amazing after"birth"math of pre-natal yoga while expecting her son, and after spending time involved in different fitness activities that included spinning and capoeira, she reconnected with her passion and decided to become certified to teach and share her love of yoga with whoever wants to learn.

She has and continues to further her practice and teaching skills during yoga events and workshops, having studied with amazing locally and internationally renowned instructors. Inspired by the teachings of Pattabhi Jois, Dharma Mittra, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, and Jimmy Barkan, Erika works to blend elements of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and the Bikram-inspired Barkan Method of hot yoga into her flow sequences, weaving strength, grace, awareness, sensibility, great music and fun into her classes.






Bianca found the gift of yoga in the summer of 2009, and though the initial draw was for an intense physical workout, she quickly learned it was much more. Her first few months of practicing were frustrating, but the growth and progress she experienced each time she practiced motivated her to stay committed. Having struggled with body image and eating disorders throughout her adolescence, yoga helped her finally feel comfortable in her own skin. She discovered that a consistent practice promoted not only physical well-being, but more importantly a mental, emotional and spiritual balance.


Bianca believes in the science of yoga, and that the combination of physical postures, breath control, and meditation can be therapy. Whether it’s physical or emotional, she desires to share the therapeutic aspects of yoga and encourage others along their journey, to see themselves in light of their potential, not their limitations.


Bianca is a lifelong learner and her style of teaching is influenced by Bikram, Anusara, and Ashtanga methods of yoga. She completed her teacher training with CorePower Yoga in San Diego (Hot Power Fusion) and Huntington Beach (Power Vinyasa) in winter of 2011. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Florida (2009) and truly loves the art of teaching. She leads classes that are accessible and also challenging for all levels, utilizing intelligent sequencing with a focus on breath, core engagement, and alignment. She hopes to inspire her students with her passion and excitement for yoga, and is very honored to be a part of the Awaken Yoga Community.


Let your light shine!






Jenna has been praticing yoga for three years. She is certified with Yoga Alliance and is trained under Jimmy Barkan Hot Vinyasa levels 1, 2 & 3. Her intention as a teacher is to create a balance between strength and flexibility. She believes yoga is not just for the workout but for the work in and encourages her students to look inside their body to find who they truly are. Being dedicated and commented to yourself and your practice will lead to a healthy and beautiful mind, body and spirit!










Nellie teaches an All Levels meditative Yin-stretch class for the release of karmic deposits, toxins and tensions stored within the body and mind. This practice is a powerful technique that loosens tightness, increases overall flexibility, assists in joint repair, and instills an overall sense of peace, while bestowing the wisdom of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras for higher learning, inspiration and empowerment.

Nellie has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Throughout her career as Accounting Manager at NY law firms, she would start the morning off with a daily yoga practice for a calm, balanced, and peaceful mind while working long hours in a high stress, fast-paced environment.

She made the dramatic shift to becoming a yoga teacher in 2010. Immediately after a life transforming journey through India, she moved to Florida and received her Yoga Alliance Anuttara Yoga Certification. The gift of Yoga, positive thinking, and a vegan diet is her cure for all holistic approach for a healthy mind and body.

~ The universe conspires to fulfill your greatest good~ Nellie






Cristina ventured into her very first yoga class in early 2009 after much encouragement from her best friend. After 90 sweaty minutes of a Barkan Method inspired flow (taught by Veronica O’Hara!), Cristina was instantaneously hooked by the fluid movement, graceful discipline and calming effects of the practice. She spent the next two years practicing with as many different teachers in South Florida as she could, gathering inspiration not only from the beautiful intensity of the postures but from the amazing awareness and life lessons her teachers encouraged her to find each time she entered the safe, sacred space of the yoga room.


Cristina’s love of yoga intensified when she learned that her grandfather, who passed away before she was born, was a dedicated, self-taught yogi who practiced at his home in Cairo, Egypt as a means of recovery from a heart attack. Each time she steps on the mat, Cristina feels a special sense of connectedness to her grandfather and recognizes that her love of and gravitation to the practice is innate.


In December 2011, Cristina completed teacher training and is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (200-RYT) with the Yoga Alliance. Immediately upon receiving her certification, Cristina began teaching yoga and is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the South Florida yoga community. Cristina encourages her students to have fun and let go of expectations so that the practice can become uninhibited and completely experiential - it's yoga PRACTICE not yoga PERFECT! She integrates yoga history and philosophy into each dynamically unique sequence that is punctuated with long holds, fast-paced vinyasas, opportunities for self-expression and a constant emphasis on alignment.