2016 E Sample Road, Lighthouse Point, FL


Class Styles

Hot Flow:

75 minutes of vinyasa, which is movement to the breath. A fun and creative flow is created by your teacher.

Yoga Fusion:

Vinyasa coupled with other Exercise and Fitness discplines. The teacher will lead you through vinyasa and tie in Weights, Fitness and Aerobic movements to create a Cardio Class.

Yin Yoga:

Restorative, deep stretch that is all conducted solely on the floor to find a deeper opening from the chest to your feet.

Sweat & Strech:

30 minutes of Yin Yoga and 30 minutes of Vinyasa 

Warm Yoga:

Vinyasa class with reduced temp in room. This class is perfect for our beginning student as it is shorter in duration and cooler in the room.


Rise & Flow:

Dawn Warriors arrive early morning for an Awakening Vinyasa flow (Tue/Thu/Sat only)