2032 E Sample Road, Lighthouse Point, FL


Child Care

Monday thru Friday for our 9am class and Tuesday and thursdays for our 1045am class

Room will be open by 845am for the 9am class and 1030am for the 1045am. If you are showering post class please be sure to pick up your child no more than 15 minutes after your class has ended.


1st child $5
2nd child $4
3rd child $3
(of the same family)
A credit card will be stored on your account for all child care services or you may pay cash.

You may bring a drink and snack with your child but it must have a tight fitted lid and nothing sugary and no snacks containing nuts.

Room attendants do not change diapers but you can make a separate arrangement with them if you need that service. Please do not ask desk staff or studio instructor to make that arrangement.