Awaken Hot Yoga

  • Awaken Yoga is a hot yoga studio proudly offering Vinyasa flow, YogaFusion, Yin Classes, Warm Yoga.
  • We offer both 60 minute and 75 minute classes.
  • We keep our fees affordable so that more can enjoy the mental and physical benefits of Yoga.
  • All of our teachers are experienced, certified and trained in various stylings of a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice.
  • Smaller classroom setting so you are able to get more attention from your teacher so you don't just do Yoga, you can learn Yoga.

Summer Special savings from Awaken Yoga Studio

June 1 - August 9th

10 weeks of Summer Savings

Students, Seniors or School Teachers ONLY

*must be 55+ 
*must show a valid and Current Student ID Card
*must be 14-18 years for high school student
*show your teacher ID or pay stub from your school
*no other discount can be combined with this offer
*this offer is available to new and Current clients
*cannot be placed on hold and we won't be pro-rating the offer.

$199 for unlimited Yoga classes
that's just $19.99 per week!!

Other Specials that's for Everyone

50 classes for just $395
that's only $7.90 per class!


6 Months Unlimited for just $495

Attention Groupon customers:

You can redeem your voucher by calling the studio 954-941-0899 prior to taking your first class.

Please remember: the voucher is for persons 18 years and older; cannot be shared with others; 10 pack must be consumed within 90 days and You must be a New Client or a client that has been INACTIVE for a min of 6 months time.

If you have been to Awaken and are unsure of your last visit please call the studio or check your account through our Mindbody software.

 Items you must bring to class:

Yoga Mat
Towel - bath or beach size 

  • We do have mat rentals for $2 and sell UFit towels for $40.
  • A towel is MANDATORY if you are renting a mat, no exceptions.
  • We sell water on premises




Items left at the Studio:


Please check the cubby's in the lobby and back room for personal belongings. There are many, many water bottles, shoes, clothing, towels that have been left behind.


Once every month we will be purging the belongings left behind so please check around for items you may have left at the studio.







2032 E Sample Road   (2nd Floor)

Lighthouse Point, FL 33064


phone: 954-941-0899

What Is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is practicing yoga in a heated room. Originally it was done to simulate the atmospheric conditions in Calcutta, India where this lineage of yoga began. Today, we realize that the benefits of the heat during practice are great, here are a few to mention:

Your body burns fat more effectively.
The heat produces a fluid-like stretch which allows for a greater range of movement in joints, muscles, ligaments and other supporting structures of the body.
Capillaries will dilate in the heat which aids in effectively oxygenating the tissues, muscles, glands and organs to aid in the removal of toxins.
Your metabolism speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids
Your muscles and connective tissue become more elastic which allows for greater flexibility with less chance of injury during exercise.
The skin, the body’s largest organ dextoxifies through sweating

The room similates the body during fever when fighting infection; the body temperature rises then T-cell’s from the lymphatic system are called to action; this improves our immune system. Yoga helps to be the “heart” of the lymphatic system moving lymphatic fluids throughout the body to fight infection, fungus, removal of cancerous cells; this is especiallly true during inversions.